A downloadable game for Windows

-LuisMint FreshBone SteveD & BlookMook-

You have a job to do.


-Movement WASD or Left Stick

-Rotate View: QE or Shoulder Buttons

-Move Followers: Left Click or Right Stick

-Attack With Followers: Right Click or Right Stick + R

-Recruit Cultists: F key or A button near houses

-Sacrifice Menu: Space Bar or Y button


The cops only become hostile if they see you acting suspicious (which is always) for too long.

The end goal is to survive!


Neighborhood Cultist 33 MB


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It's a cute simple game that was well executed. Great job!

Unique game, we tried to raise a small army, but the cops kept on killing us :o

Put your game in a little indie romp video. I also had difficulty killing the police but my cult got pretty vibing

Your game starts at 7:07

Very cool looking game and I love the idea. Too bad the Attack was not working for me, made you a lil video anyways: