Week 12 - More classes for the barfight

This week I was planning on exporting and testing my barfight game for mobile, but instead I got caught up in the fun of adding classes and menus. It’s way to fun to come up with concepts for 2-button fighting classes, so far I have the following:


This one can be seen in the current prototype on itch.io, one button jumps from left to right (or right to left) and throws knives to the left and right spaces on the enemy side and the other jumps to the center and throws a knife (or just throws a knife if it’s in the center). I’ll write this out in a more simple format:

1) Jump to 1 or 3(depending on where you were last) and throw knives at 1 & 3 of enemy.

2) (from 1 or 3)

Jump to 2 and throw knife at enemy’s 2

(from 2)

Throw knife at enemy’s 2

Warrior: 1) Stab directly across and shift one to the left (wrap) 2) (from 1 or 3) step forward and slash across ½ or 2/3 step back & lift sword (from 2) slash animate but do no damage reflect all active projectiles lift sword Wizard: 1) Teleport 1->3->2->3->1 & repeat 2) (from 2) First cast: charge Second cast: charge again Third cast: launch attack toward middle tile (from 1) launch attack toward 1->3->2->3->1 & repeat (from 3) Charge, interruptable with (1) If Charged see (from 1) 

If you followed all of that you’ll see how interesting it is to try and come up with classes for this format. I already have plenty of other ideas for classes in this format including a gunslinger, minion spawning mage, shield-based warrior, ice mage (can make spikey patch on one of the enemy locations), and a boxing-style brawler character.

Anywho, I spent so long on making sprites for these classes (and boring UI stuff) that I have no mobile export this week. Fortunately you still have these spritesheets to look at:


At some point I’d love to add more inbetween frames for these animations, but these will work fine for a multiple-class alpha build at some point.

PS: props to this Sigfried fan art, it’s the only reason that Warrior face looks as nice as it does

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